City Snapshot: Vienna, Austria

Hello everyone! I apologize for my erratic posting schedule over the past few weeks. As I mentioned in my last post, I met up with my mom and brother in Salzburg and we spent the week together traveling around. As soon as I got back to my apartment, I turned right back around and hopped on a flight to London. Unfortunately for me, now that I’m back home reality has set in and I absolutely MUST begin researching/writing my two final papers. Fun fact about the german university system: you either take a gigantic test at the end of the semester or you write a long paper, and that’s essentially your grade for the course. Awesome.

That being said, let’s focus on the amazing-ness that is Vienna shall we? I wish that we had made Vienna our home base for our travels in Austria because there’s just so much to see and do in the city. Normally, I’d love to write up a guide for you guys so that you know the best places to visit. However, because we spent our morning at Schönbrunn Palace we weren’t able to go into museums, etc. so another round of lovely pictures will have to satisfy your traveling minds.DSC_0637

The town hall was under construction unfortunately, but it reminded me of the city hall in Brussels, which I loved visiting. Apparently I have a thing for gothic-style exteriors and Rococo interiors. Something tells me that if I combined the two I’d end up with one ugly house.DSC_0631




We were in Vienna over Pfingpause, a religious holiday, so the main cathedral was all done up in lights!
We were in Vienna over Pfingpause, a religious holiday, so the main cathedral was all done up in lights!

I always take street shots in an attempt to show you all just how busy and alive a city is. Unfortunately, I never seem to grasp the full effect of a place. I guess you’ll just have to go experience it for yourself!

Like I said, I already want to return to Vienna to check out the museum scene and eat more tasty food. Have any of you visited Austria before? What are your favorite spots?

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8 comments on “City Snapshot: Vienna, Austria

    • The opera house was beautiful! And yes, I need to see more shows and such when I travel because live theatre is simply the best form of entertainment.


    • You’re like the fifth person who’s mentioned the opera. Apparently I missed out when I had the chance to go, but now I really want to see something in the opera house next time I’m in the city! And do you mean the Mozartkugel with the marzipan inside? I’ve had those before but wasn’t a huge fan (apparently marzipan is not my sweet of choice). But yes, chocolates are always a must when traveling 😉


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