City Snapshot: Hallstatt, Austria

After seeing so many beautiful photos of Hallstatt and reading about this quaint town on so many of my favorite blogs, I was so excited when the day came that I finally got to visit this postcard-worthy town. The weather the day before my visit was rainy and cold, which created the most amazing fog around the town, adding a certain mysterious element to the whole experience. Hallstatt is certainly charming and is a good place to spend a few hours of your trip. If you want to make a day trip out of it, I’d suggest looking into a tour of the salt mines the town is famous for. Although a bit touristy, I’d still recommend visiting Hallstatt as it’s so incredibly beautiful and is home to some good food and great hiking paths.Hallstatt




Spotted a group of fishermen on the lake. They were here all day!
Spotted a group of fishermen on the lake. They were here all day!




Hallstatt salt store
The town has an abundance of salt sellers; you should definitely grab some spices while visiting.

If you’re staying in Salzburg, Hallstatt is a great town to visit. It’s about 90 minutes away via bus, and if you end up taking the train to Hallstatt station you can take the ferry across the lake for a wonderful view of the town. What are some of your favorite small towns to visit, in Europe or otherwise?

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12 comments on “City Snapshot: Hallstatt, Austria

  1. I studied abroad in Austria two years ago and miss it so much! Your photos are beautiful by the way. Did you have a chance to go into the salt mines in Hallstatt as well? They let you go down the “slide” (for lack of a better word) and it’s awesome. As for other towns, if you haven’t been yet I would recommend a weekend in Budapest.


    • Thanks so much! We didn’t go into the salt mines, but I really wish we had. And Budapest is definitely on my list of places to visit, thanks for the suggestion!


    • Thanks! And you’ll really like Hallstatt, although if you want to make a full day of it I definitely suggest taking a tour of the salt mines as the town itself is on the smaller side.


  2. It looks BEAUTIFUL. While I have to admit I wasn’t the biggest fan of Vienna, I would be willing to give Austria another try for this scenery… Just wow.


    • I really loved Vienna! Maybe because I was only in and out in one day though… When I revisit Austria, I’ll definitely be basing my travels from Vienna rather than Salzburg because there’s so much more to do in the city. And yes, Hallstatt made my job easy for me; the mist was gorgeous and lasted all day 🙂


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